"Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started."
An Old Proverb

Brad was on meds for ADHD when I first saw him. He was a very angry boy who was resistent to learning. He was in the 3rd grade and very frustrated with learning to read. When I started tutoring him, his reading level was at the first grade level. His spelling level was at the 1.9 grade level. He knew his consonant sounds, and the short and long single vowel sounds.

Brad struggled through tutoring but he never gave up on himself once he saw that reading was a series of small steps. When he started reading the decodable books and realized that he could read, he became very excited and became a more eager student.

However, progress was slow at times because his parents were getting a divorce and his dad had moved out of the home. Because Brad’s parents both worked excessive hours, he had a nanny. It was difficult to get Brad to practice reading at home to his nanny.

Brad quit tutoring in the summer between his 6th and 7th grade. He mastered all of the phonetic sounds, the syllabication and spelling rules. He was reading at the 6.6 grade level. His spelling was at the 5th grade level.

Even though it was slow going, Brad persevered through his ADHD and the struggles at home. I was proud of Brad's achievement because he never gave up.

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