Before a child even starts to read, picture books ought to be read to him nightly. This will help the child learn inflection, background knowledge and build comprehension skills. Listed below are some great books from Highlights for Children

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  • A Book Store
    - has books for young readers, 7-12, which are written by authors who have a learning disability or struggled with learning to read.

  • Audio Books 4 Kidz
    - has a list of books on tape which can be purchased. Books on tape are very helpful for the LD student who wants to read but struggles. Listening to a book on tape while reading the book will help alleviate some frustration.

  • Bibles and Stuff
    - Bibles for Kids, Bible Dictionaries for Kids, Bible Atlases for Kids, kid’s inexpensive jewelry and more!

  • Biographies
    - About America’s Founding Fathers and some about men and women of faith.

  • Classical Children's Books
    - These are the classical children's books that have been around for years BUT have remained favorites of teachers, parents and students.

  • Creation Books
    - These are books about the creation of the world from the Christian viewpoint.

  • The Curriculum Book Store
    - recommended phonics workbooks such as Explode the Code workbooks, MegaWords workbooks and others.

  • Learning Possibilities Book Store
    - has books for young readers where at least one main character has a learning disability or struggles with reading. This store also contains resource books for parents.

  • Picture Books
    - features books from Highlights for Children. These are excellent quality, very colorful and engaging for the child.

  • Reading Products
    - These products will enhance your child's reading readiness.

  • Young Readers Fiction Books
    - This is a listing of fiction books for young readers ages 9-12.

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