Would you like for your son or daughter to have DEBT FREE college?  Who wouldn't?

Your next question is "How is that possible?"

Even state colleges are now beyond most people's ability to pay cash. Fifty percent of students who enroll in college never graduate. One reason is because of the high costs. 70% of all graduates from state colleges graduate with DEBT! 

If your child plans to go to a private higher learning institution your child (or you) could be one of the 90% that face debt after graduating. However, in the Fall, 2014, Adrian College will start offering loan payment assistance for the graduating student.

Is this how you want your son or daughter to start their post graduate life?  Short of a miracle, that is what is going to happen. HERE'S HOW NOT TO fall into the trap of student loans.

The following are some statistics for college costs from 1980 until 2010:

Public Education





Private Education





4 year/
per year

$ 2,550

$ 5,243

$ 8,653


$ 5,594




2 year/
per year





$ 4,303

$ 9,302



According to the US Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (2012), Digest of Educational Statistics 2011 (NCES 2012-001) Chapter 3, Table 349.  This uses in-state tuition.  

Dave Ramsey´╗┐, a personal money-management expert, has put together a custom college guide.  You just tell them the top 6 colleges or universities that your child is considering and they will tell you the scholarships and grants that are available.  The guide will also show the costs comparisons.  This guide is personalized for each individual.

College is one of the biggest investments that you and your child will make so why not spend $160 to find out how to go to college and come out DEBT FREE! 

Watch this video for more information. 

College is one of the biggest investments that you and your child will make so why not spend $160 to find out how to go to college and come out DEBT FREE!  

NOTE:  I am not getting paid for this announcement.  I have listened to Dave Ramsey for 15 years and believe that every person can live DEBT FREE.  Everything I have every learned from Dave and put into practice has help me attain financial freedom.  Help your kid(s) get a head start on their careers by giving them sound financial advise with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Plan.


Adrian College is a private, co-educational liberal arts and science college associated with the United Methodist Church.  Adrian College is located in Adrian, Michigan.

In 2009 and 2010 US News and World Report selected Adrian College as the #1 Up and Coming Baccalaureate College in the Midwest. In 2012, it was named the "Top College of the Midwest." Adrian has also won the name of "The Best Value College in the Midwest."

In September (2013), the college made a bold move and instituted a new program, AdrianPlus, designed to help graduates payback their student loans. Starting in the fall, 2014, the college will offer a loan payback assistance program to freshman and transfer students. Adrian will pay the monthly student loan amount for as long as the graduate is making under $37,000.

Comment:  This is not an endorsement of this college.  In fact, this college costs $40,000 for tuition, fees, and room and board.  However, it is one of a very few which offers this type of loan assistance program for a small college.

For more information on this assistance program, watch this video.

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